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Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife by Tim Hawkins

I know I rely pretty heavily on Tim Hawkins for these fun days, but I just think he is hilarious. Check out this clip on what not to say to your wife that comes from his DVD Full Range of Motion.

Have fun.

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Kids Rock

Just for fun today, check out this fan made video that goes along with Tim Hawkins spoof infomercial “Kid’s Rock.”

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Did You Know? No I Didn’t-But Check Out This Video

Thanks to the Wizard of Ads and his Monday Morning Memo, I got to see this mind-blowing video. So, today, I thought I would throw in something a little extra.

Check it out.

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Trina Discovers Chocolate OR Why I Should Never Be Left Alone to Watch the Kids

There I was, minding my own business, doing my work, updating my blogs. When it dawned on me. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be watching the kids. Why can’t I hear Trina (my 10 month old)? I guess I better go look for her. Lucky for me, she is apparently not allergic to peanuts.

Check out what happened.

Maybe Marita won’t leave me alone with the kids anymore.

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Teach Your Daughter How to Dress

Dads, if you don’t let your daughter dress like one, she won’t be mistaken for one.

I think that says it all.

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Rhett and Link Explain How I Feel in the Blogging World

Rhett and Link hit my nail on the head. I’m so last year on here. But I am catching up.

I wonder where you can hire one of those password guys.

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I Will Survive

I know this one has been around for a while but every once in a while I have to find it just for kicks.


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An American Carol

I haven’t looked this one up on Screen It yet, but I sure I hope it is one I can watch.

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My Presidential Candidate, Part 2

My political views expressed on Monday notwithstanding, I have to share with you more footage of my Presidential candidate, Shane Scott. As with all candidates, he is being attacked by the media, he is being undermined by the other parties and he is holding his very own convention, which, for some reason, I didn’t get invited to. I’m not sure he recognizes the influence I have over all 20 people who regularly visit this blog.

You can see Shane’s original videos at my earlier political post.

Sit back and prepare to be swept off your feet by a candidate who is a lot like us, who really represents change for the American future, who promises nothing but asks for everything. I invite you to become a Shaniac. Climb aboard the Shane Train. You won’t regret it.

Learn of the People’s Party’s platform for overcoming our national debt and gas crisis.


Every candidate needs his very own news media scandal. Shane Scott is just as mired in controversy as everyone else.


And now for the People’s Party Convention, aired September 9, 2008. Hosted at the Let It Shine Gymnasium in Cool Springs, Tennessee. You know, I just live 20 minutes from there. You’d think I could have received an invitation or something. Don’t worry, I’m not bitter. I hold no grudges. Shane still has my vote…maybe.


The Vice Presidential Candidate.


I hope this has been a Springboard for Fun in your Friday.


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Fireproof Your Marriage

I can’t wait to see this. I’m sure I won’t agree with everything in this movie. But I’m also sure it will be a great springboard for my marriage and yours.


See you there,


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