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Christians, Quit Telling Me How To Vote! From One Christian to Others

A Bit of a Rant

I know this is not a normal day for a springboard for your life. I just wanted to take this little day off and rant a little bit.

I’ve received lots of kudos and also lots of nay saying since I preached my sermon “For Whom Should a Christian Vote?” and then posted it on the web. I had no idea it would make the rounds as it has. I guess it just goes to show how brainwashed Christians are today thinking that who we vote for actually matters to God as if God is watching over our shoulders in the ballot box to see if we vote for His candidate. As intense as so many are about this, I’m kind of surprised we don’t ever see people struck down with fire from heaven right there inside the voting booth.

We all know Republican Christians believe Christians have to vote Republican because of the issues of abortion and homosexuality. We all know Democrat Christians think Christians have to vote Democrat because of the issues of poverty and compassion for the poor. Here is my question: Why would God pick one or two issues out of the whole Bible and expect us to vote based on them? Why wouldn’t He expect us to vote on every issue? Let’s face it Christians, the Bible teaches that if people are going to be saved they need to go through Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that the one true religion that all are supposed to follow today is Christianity. Should we Christians really vote for a candidate who believes in freedom of religion? Or should we find one that wants to outlaw all religions but Christianity? (Personally, I’ll vote for the freedom of religion guy every time. Does that make me less of a Christian than you?)

Whoa there! Don’t act like this is a moot point. If God really has demanded that we vote for a candidate based on biblical issues, which biblical issues should we pick? Should we only pick those that our culture is willing to argue about or should we demand that all the biblical issues be addressed? The fact is I have yet to meet anyone who is truly honest about this whole voting and Christianity thing. They pick an issue and then act like they’ve got God’s stamp of approval when their candidate is ignoring a million biblical issues and so is their vote.


The Heart of the Matter

Here is what we really need to recognize. God has never asked us to spread His will politically. He has never asked us to try to make America a Christian nation. There is only one political concern God has ever asked us to have. I Timothy 2:1-2 says, “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.” The only political concern that God has asked us to have is that our leaders will let us lead a peaceful and quiet life as we strive to live as Christians. Did you also notice that He did not ask us to accomplish this through any political means? He asked us to do this through prayer.

I think it is awesome that we get to vote. I think it is awesome we get to say how we think the country should be run. I think you should let your say be heard and I think you should make that decision based on the issues you think are most important for preserving this country. I even think you should try to persuade people to vote for your candidate if you really think that candidate is what is best for our country. What you simply cannot do is act like God has endorsed your candidate or like God is remotely going to judge people based on their vote. 

Churches need to get out of the election business. Christians need to quit acting like their Christian duty is to vote a certain way. If you want to do God’s will about abortion, homosexuality or helping the poor, then talk to your neighbor about the saving Gospel of Jesus and what it says about these issues. Quit thinking you’ve done your Christian duty by voting. You haven’t. Quit thinking others have violated their Christian duty by voting differently than you. They haven’t. 


“It’s Really about Preserving the Democracy.”

And please, do not give me this baloney that we have to vote for the “Christian” candidate to preserve the democracy. Somehow we have acted like the Founding Fathers got democracy from the Bible. They didn’t. It isn’t there. If you remember, when God set up a nation, it wasn’t a democracy. It was a monarchy. Where on earth do we get that God’s biggest concern today is that America or any other nation be a democracy? 

God doesn’t remotely care what kind of government a nation has. What God cares about is that we serve Him properly no matter who our nation’s leaders are or what kind of government we have (cf. Acts 5:29). God doesn’t care what kind of earthly kingdom structure we have in place. He cares that we are seeking first His kingdom and righteousness (cf. Matthew 5:33).

So, Christians, please quit telling me how to vote. Instead, let’s start telling people how to know Jesus and leave the politics to people whose lives are bound up in this world.

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