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Learning from Life: What is going on here?

John Maxwell says experience is not the best teacher, evaluated experience is. That set me on a mission. What am I experiencing each day? When I evaluate it, what do I learn?

That little bit of inspiration has been life-altering. Suddenly, each day is a lesson. My classroom is the world. God is teaching me lessons through life every day.

In fact, since I started this process, I have discovered timeless lessons like

  • The Farkle Principle
  • The U-turn epiphany
  • The Find a Friend key

And a whole lot more.

Keep coming back and let’s learn about how this life works together.

No doubt, I will not always be a fount of wisdom. Some days, we may simply explore something funny. Some days you may just get to learn about what is happening around the Crozier house. But every day, if we take time to evaluate our experience life will hand us powerful lessons no college degree can provide.

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