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Preaching Schedule

On most Sundays I have the privilege of preaching for the brethren of the Franklin Church of Christ in Franklin, TN. 

However, on occasion, I also have the privilege to present the gospel in other places as well. I would love the opportunity to meet you if any of these opportunities are convenient. 

Bring your Bible and bring a friend. We’ll take a look at God’s Word together and then we’ll get to know each other. I look forward to meeting you.



December 12-14: The Church in Chillicothe, Chillicothe, OH: “Plugged In: High Voltage Prayer”



March 8-13: Lafayette, GA

April 5-8: South Fayetteville Church of Christ, Fayetteville, TN

April 17-19: South Bumby Church of Christ; Orlando, FL

October 25-30: Pontiac, IL

November 15-18: Laurel Canyon Church of Christ; Columbus, OH

November 20-22: Brownsburg, IN



March: Embry Hills Church of Christ; Atlanta, GA

April: Pell City Church of Christ; Pell City, AL–“Plugged In: High Voltage Prayer”

Spring: Joliette, IL

May 16-19: Tyngsborough Church of Christ; Tyngsborough, MA

August: Bartlett Church of Christ; Bartlett, TN

September 12-17: Kirkwood Church of Christ; St. Louis, MO




Spring: Somerville Road Church of Christ; Decatur, AL

Spring: East Shelby Church of Christ; Collierville, TN

June 19-24: Colonnial Heights Church of Christ; Cookeville, TN

East End Church of Christ; Lexington, KY

September: Palm Springs Drive Church of Christ; Orlando, FL

October 9-14: Roswell, GA



Tomlinson Run Church of Christ, Pennsylvania

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