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Books I’m Writing

Getting to Did:
How to Lose Your Big “But” and Live a Life without Regret

Meet Sam. He’s 49, recently laid off and devoid of hope. His world is crashing down around him. His wife wants him to get another job. His son is ticked at him. Everything is going wrong. He looks back through his life and sees a string of regrets, things he coulda, shoulda and woulda done, BUT didn’t.

Enter Dave. He’s got it altogether because he has learned how to turn his couldas to cans, his shouldas to shalls and his wouldas to wills. Through these simple principles, he has learned to Get to Did.

Join Sam as he meets Dave’s Trainer, Professor and Coach and learns how to Get to Did in his own life.

I am so excited about this book I can hardly stand it. This is my first secular book that deals with life lessons, self-discipline, leadership and achieving our dreams. The book is finished and is now going through copy editing. The cover will be designed shortly. Look for this title before the end of 2008.


The Christian’s Toolbag
for Peace, Contentment and Spiritual Growth

Meet Pete, a struggling preacher.  

His marriage is on the rocks. His kids are going the wrong way. His relationships with brethren stink. His finances are in the pits. Every night is marked by fights and arguments. His spiritual life is at a standstill. He hasn’t had a drink since he became a Christian, but the urge is increasing. He has been developing an emotional attachment to one of the sisters in the congregation and is beginning to think he might prefer her to his wife. Pete is ashamed of his thoughts and fantasies. He can’t stand where he is spiritually, but he feels that if being a preacher doesn’t fix all these problems then nothing can. Feeling abandoned by God, Pete stares over the precipice and thinks about taking the blind leap into Satan’s lies.

Enter Joshua, an older and quieter member of the congregation who makes his living as a carpenter. Joshua doesn’t speak out much in the classes, but every time Pete talks to someone, he finds out they have been really influenced by this quiet man. In desperation, Pete turns to Josh to find out if he can help. Josh reveals his own sordid past as the chief of sinners to Peter and opens his toolbox to show Pete the path he has taken to spiritual peace, contentment and growth.

I am really excited about this book. I am just starting it and I can already tell it is going to probably have greater spiritual impact on me than any other book I have written. If all goes as planned this book will be out some time between April and July of 2009.



My first stab at fiction and oh I can’t wait for this one.

Robert Hanscombe was a gospel preacher simply trying to get the message out and pass his faith on to others. Always in search of someone to teach, he couldn’t have been more excited when he received an e-mail from Jenna asking for a Bible study. Despite overwhelming odds, Jenna turns her life over to God submitting to baptism. But immediately Jenna and Robert enter an unimaginable nightmare.

Robert learns Jenna has been beaten and put in the hospital by her unsympathetic husband who believes his wife has been stolen from him by Robert because she left her husband’s church to pursue a different spiritual path. However, this is just the beginning of a twisting roller coaster for Robert, his family and his church.

Like I said, this is my first stab at fiction. I’m taking my time and trying to make sure it is done right. Hopefully this will be hitting the bookshelves by the end of 2009.


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