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20 Things I’m Thankful for Today

In moments of rigorous honesty, I admit I am a grumbler.

I bought a 1994 Honda Accord almost five years ago for $3500. Over those five years I have put somewhere close to a hundred thousand miles on it. In fact, it just rolled over 200,000 miles a month or so ago. Think about that. I drove nearly 100,000 miles for $3500. That’s only 3.5 cents per mile. Who could complain about that?


My transmission went out yesterday and all I can do right now is complain. What a perfect day for me to get into a conversation with some guys about gratitude. It struck me that in reality I have hundreds of things to be grateful for but only a few things worth complaining about. Yet, I spend so much more time grumbling than being thankful. 

So, a gratitude list.

1. I had a $3500 car last for five years and 100,000 miles

2. I own another car so I’m not completely stranded

3. I’m making money so I can buy another car if I need to

4. I have friends who let me borrow their car today

5. I had friends I was able to call to give me rides yesterday

6. I have a house

7. I have a wonderful wife (who puts up with a lot, I can tell you that)

8. I have four awesome kids

9. I have a computer

10. Last time I checked, I am still breathing

11. My transmission went out, I didn’t get into a fatal car wreck

12. I had food to eat today

13. My brother recently got into a near fatal wreck, but he lived

14. My other brother is stationed in Afghanistan and hasn’t been shot or blown up

15. I had clean clothes to wear today without having to go wash them in the creek and bang them on a rock

16. Right now, I’m able to pay someone to cut my grass (of course, if I buy a car this one may change–see, I can’t even be specifically grateful without grumbling)

17. My car has abandoned me, but my God hasn’t

18. When I got out of bed this morning, I could still walk

19. I don’t have leukemia, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer or any other fatal disease that I know of.

20. I’m in an air conditioned room

Wow! All that and only in about five minutes worth of thinking. I’m a pretty lucky guy. I’m sure my day would be better if I spent some time thinking about all the great things going on in my life and being grateful for them instead of thinking about the one or two bad things that pop up now and then.

Well, now I have to go figure out what I’m going to do with my faithful car who finally used herself up in my service. What honor does she deserve. Have a great 4th of July.


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