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My New Favorite Bible Verse

I have to apologize. I was all ready to write my new installment on what I have learned about preparing for temptation. However, I came across this video today (No, I don’t just surf YouTube all day long, I only do it for half of the day).

It now explains my new favorite Bible verse. By the way, I’ll get my next point about temptation preparation in a day or two.



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Pride Goes Before a Fall

I’m taking a brief break from my series on what I have learned about preparing for temptation simply to provide this helpful reminder that pride goes before a fall.

I certainly hope this guy learns from his life.

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Real Preachers of Genius

I doubt I could spiritually condone everything the Steve and Kathy Show teaches, but I can’t help but love their “Real Preachers of Genius” videos. I hope they put out more. The first one is good, but it is apparent they were just figuring out how to do these.

The second one is awesome.

I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did.


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My Presidential Candidate Should Be Yours

If you’re like me, you’re struggling to figure out who deserves your vote, struggle no more. For the big, big office and big, big change, we need a big, big man. (Who also happens to be my big, big friend).

Check him out as he throws his hat in the ring.

Don’t forget that he needs to be qualified. Find out why below.

Do you think he might pick me as his running mate?

Find out more about him at his own blog faithandthought.net.

By the way, Shane, I think you should buy me lunch at the Canton for this.


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